About Us

We are based on the Royal Quays Outlet Centre in North Shields, just 3 minutes from the Tyne tunnel.

We are open 7 days a week with ample free parking and disabled access.

Our friendly team are always on hand to guide you and answer all your animal questions.

Aquatics - our fish room is filled with over 100 aquariums boasting tropical, cold water and pond fish along with 2 plant tanks and shelves of accessories including rocks, wood, ornaments, heaters, filters, lights, foods, treatments and aquariums upto 750l.

Reptiles - our reptile rooms hosts 40 vivarium's that are home a range of lizards, snakes, tortoises, amphibians and inverts. We stock a full range of vivarium's and accessories along with live and frozen food. 

Birds & Small Animals - we stock  range of birds and rodents from budgies to parrots and degu's to hamsters. We have a range of cages, foods, bedding and toys for all your animal's needs. 

Dog & Cat - We stock a huge range of foods (raw and dried), treats, medications, toys and accessories for your four legged friends. Whether your looking for a new coat for your dog or a litter tray for your cat, we will have the perfect match for your pet. 

We offer free dog harness fitting service, free reptile health checks and nail clippings and a holiday boarding service for all reptiles and small animals